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Firms Need Empowered Workers

“EMPOWERING the work force” is a catch phrase in the vision and mission statements of many companies today. Though this phrase was picked up from the United States, it tickles the Filipino imagination because it somehow connotes “people power.” In

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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: New factor seen as key to Job Harmony

WASHINGTON, DC Daniel Goleman, author of the best-selling book, “Emotional Intelligence,” challenged business to examine the “qualities of the heart,” or what is known in professional circles as emotional intelligence, as basis for establishing workplace competencies in a rapidly changing

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Customer Relations Make Big Difference In Sales

WITH the proliferation of malls in the metropolis, the retail trade industry in the Philippines has never been better. Looking at the 1995 figures of the top 5,000 companies, sales of retail trade companies comprised around 9 percent of the

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