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‘Customer as God:’ Marketing the Japanese Way

“RELENTLESS” is a book on Japanese way of marketing from the perspectives of both an outsider and an insider. Author Johnny K. Johansson presents the Western views on Japanese practices while co-author Ikujiro Nonaka contributes an in-depth knowledge of strategies

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The Bankers: Technology Redefines Banking

FROM precious metals to paper to “arranged electrons and photons which would move around the world at the speed of light,” money has indeed undergone a transformation that has change the world of banking. Martin Mayer, the author of “the

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Downsizing Not The Answer To Recession

IN an economic downturn, businessmen review cost structures of their firms to find what costs can be cut to maintain profit margins. As critical business eyes survey the cost landscape, a likely target for cost-cutting is usually the most visible,

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