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Leadership Is A World Of Paradox

JESUS Christ can be credited for starting this latest management trend of communicating in parables, a paradox in itself. HE was the first person to “speak in parables” to better illustrate his point. A parable is defined as “a simple

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Pitfalls Of Business Consultancy Services

HERE’s a business paradox that’s been observed recently: As a economy is plummeting, consultants are thriving. Various factors may explain these phenomena. The most obvious is this: In the shadow of economic instability, companies look for a hand to guide

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CEOs Advised To Spread Decision-Making, Focus On Planning For Companies’ Future

THE CEO (chief executive officer) is the star of every company, the focus of fascination of practically everyone in the organization. He or she is usually the object of very serious consideration and the most trivial gossip. When he roars

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