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Setting Priorities Key To Achieving Life’s Goal

TIME, like death, is irrevocable. Once spent, it is gone, never to be retrieved. Yet despite this reality, some people take time for granted, they spend it carelessly on pursuits that do not enrich the meaning of their lives. Other

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Drucker’s Sense Of Future Allows Timeless Management Concepts

EVERY self-respecting manage today strives “to get the right things done” rather than merely doing things right. This dictum was introduced by Peter Drucker almost three decades ago in the now classic management book, “The Effective Executive.” After authoring numerous

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Handling Co-Workers’ Complaints

QUERY: I have just joined a company as manager for its sales division. However, I noticed that in the three weeks I’ve worked there, the sales executives have been in and out of my office mainly just to complain about

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