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Shield And Weapons In Life’s Daily Battles

EXPERIENCE is the lens through which we view the world. If stained with adversity, we struggle or despair, if colored with prejudice, we see hate; if blackened with anger, we see evil. But if the lens of life is as

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Taking Initiative Key Element Of Visionaries

WITH the currency crisis throwing a cloak of uncertainty on business, the question that’s top most on the minds of most businessmen today is “Can my business survive?” Aware that some companies are floundering in the quick sand of escalating

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Few Beats Good Words, Pat On Back To Reward Employees

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DOLLAR. Another year, another hurdle. A tough year is ending, a tougher one is beginning. Yes, we’re still alive despite the skyrocketing commodity prices. Yes, there are many firms that are surviving despite the tightening economic crunch.

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