INNOVATING BRAND YOU: Mental Blocks To Innovating ‘BRAND YOU’

(Part IV)

HERE ARE SOME MORE mental blocks to innovating “brand you:

4. “I am a homebody, I am afraid to go out and talk to people.” (Pambahay lang ang ‘beauty’ ko!)

He grew up with a terrible feeling of inferiority. His father was a brilliant lawyer; his mother worked abroad. He earned a college degree in Computer Science from a well-known school. While his grades were average, he had a knack for assembling and repairing computers and was proficient with a lot of software not taught in college. He loved learning new programs and tinkering with computers. One would have expected him to have landed a good job soon after graduation. But he had low self-confidence; he did not want to go out of the four walls of his home to look for a job. He preferred submitting his resumes through the Internet. Despite prodding from his well-meaning mother, he remains jobless two years after graduation. His mental block prevented him from seizing the opportunities that could so easily be his for the taking had he taken the pains to go out and actually talk to people.

5. “I need a foolproof plan to succeed.

Sigurista was his middle name. This executive never went into anything unless he was a hundred percent sure that he would succeed. But when can anyone be a hundred percent certain of success? As a result, he never went out of his mold of being a conservative level-headed executive. He stayed on at his present company, well-rewarded but many of his more risk taking colleagues left to put up their own firms or head growing companies.

6. “I have learned everything that needs to be learned. I’ve been there, done that, already attended so many training programs.” (Mas marunong pa ako sa trainer!)

This participant told the trainer at the start of the training program that she had already attended many management training programs and had many reservations attending another one. She thought that she had already learned all there was to learn about management. After three days of games and sharing with other participants, she found out that she could look at the theories and principles she had learned with new eyes and even learned a new thing or two about management.

7. “I am so successful now; I don’t need to change whatever I am doing.” (Kung hindi naman sira, baka aayusin? Okay na ako ngayon!)

This sales executive was undoubtedly successful. At the helm of the sales division for many years, he had exceeded his sales quotas year after year. He was so successful, he refused to consider any other new sales strategy. Meanwhile, like rats nibbling at his cheese, his competitors were busy introducing new sales promotions and slowly chipping away his market share. One day, this sales executive would find his sales down and ask, “Who moved my cheese?

These are some of the mental blocks that prevent personal change. There are many more hidden in our minds. You can recognize them when they start holding you back from trying out something new. When you become aware of these blocks, like ice exposed to sunlight, they will melt away and leave you a clear path to innovating “brand you.

Author: Regina Galang Reyes. First published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer November 27, 2005.

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