Ready Or Not, Here We Come!

READY or not, here I come!” This is the shout one often hears when kids play the game, “hide and seek.” And since I am a kid at heart, this is my “shoutout” to all my friends, colleagues, readers, listeners and other people at work as I launch today, July 8, 2010, on a Thursday noon, my newest web site, People at Work Online at

Unlike the game, this shoutout means that whether I am ready or not, I am offering this collection of all my published articles in Philippine Daily Inquirer, Metro Working Mom, Asian Quality and Management Systems, as well as other articles to be written for this web site, for your reflection as you run through the maze of the workplace seeking fulfillment and happiness in your careers and in your lives. Hopefully, these can serve as “clues” in finding that which you seek in your work and life.

Admittedly, this web site is not quite ready as there many typos to proofread, articles to be tagged, photos to be selected, designs to be changed and codes to be customized. But if I wait for everything to be perfect (as I am wont to do, being a Virgoan perfectionist), this web site may take forever  to launch (an exaggeration, of course).

Ready or not, here I come” is also my new take on life as I go back to my youthful passions and talents to create a circle of my life that is purposeful and joyful. I recently advised a friend who was reassessing his career path to think about what energized him when he was a kid, a teenager and a young adult and from these experiences (in Steve Jobs’ words) “connect the dots” to his present. Connecting the past and the present will enable him to find the career path that will give him not just financial rewards but spiritual treasures.

Hide and seek is a game kids play to entertain themselves. But it is also a game that we adults play as we try to survive intact through life’s struggles. As children, we were unafraid to create, take risks and speak up even though falls and admonitions marked our early explorations of the world. But through the years of “don’ts,” “should’s,” and “must’s,” we had learned to protect ourselves by hiding our passions, our talents, our values, our courage and all the other elements that comprise our essence to avoid the bumps, scratches and wounds of “playing” the game of life.

We have hidden our true selves so successfully that when we ask ourselves who we are, what we are and why we are, we can’t come up with an answer.

It is now time to seek. Seek our passions, our talents, our values, our courage and our essence so that we can use all of these to fully realize the purpose of our creation. And when we finally find ourselves, we can gleefully shout, “You’re it!” and “truly enjoy and celebrate our life!

So, to all my readers, ready or not, here we come!

Author: Regina Galang Reyes. First published in Metro Working Mom July 8, 2010.

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