What We Should Not Forget

“THIS season may we never forget the love we have for Jesus…” This line from Jose Mari Chan’s song Christmas in Our Hearts is a good reminder this holiday season because Christmas is really about Christ, who came into this world to be our Way, Truth and Light.

Tonight, as I quietly type these words into my laptop comfortable within the confines of my home, I know that many are wending their way around Metro Manila scurrying to or from a Christmas party or shopping for gifts for loved ones. Many are probably cursing the traffic, which by now have turned many roads in Metro Manila into parking lots. There would probably be long lines at payment counters in malls and fast food outlets with so many people milling about. In these irritating circumstances, it is so easy to forget that Christmas is supposed to be a time for showing our love, strengthening our personal relationships and reaching out to the Lord in thankful prayer.

I was trying to get to a mall in Quezon City this lunch time to do some last minute shopping but couldn’t quite get there because of the scarcity of taxis. I only got as far as the nearest mall to my house. But even there, the long queue at the taxi stand was intimidating and no taxi seemed forthcoming.  I opted to take the rickety jeep to our subdivision just to be able to get home. And this was during the “slack” early afternoon hours.  I can just imagine what it must be like now this evening when the frenzy must be reaching its peak. I am glad I made a decision not to participate in all the craziness of the city.

I also no longer keep many holiday “shoulds.” I keep my Christmas celebration simple from the decorations to the food and gifts I buy. I don’t want to give myself grief trying to buy the most expensive gifts, cooking the most fattening foods, or decorating with too many lights that may even pose fire hazards to my home. It is enough for me that I am with my family and that we have healthy but yummy food on the table and give each other gifts that do not deplete our savings.

I have gone through two life-threatening episodes in my life and I have thrown away trivialities as well as ambition from my life’s baggage. It has enabled me to celebrate Christmas as it should be celebrated, remembering and being thankful that on Christmas day a Child was born to give us the key to eternal life.

A blessed and joyful Christmas to all my beloved family, friends and readers of PeopleatWorkOnline!

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