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Taking Initiative Key Element Of Visionaries

WITH the currency crisis throwing a cloak of uncertainty on business, the question that’s top most on the minds of most businessmen today is “Can my business survive?” Aware that some companies are floundering in the quick sand of escalating

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Book Explores Intricate World Of Newspaper Firms

WOULD you invest in a product that has a shelf life of twelve hours and changes everyday? Many would believe that such a habit is the height of folly. Tycoons apparently think otherwise, for they fight fiercely against each other

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Drucker’s Sense Of Future Allows Timeless Management Concepts

EVERY self-respecting manage today strives “to get the right things done” rather than merely doing things right. This dictum was introduced by Peter Drucker almost three decades ago in the now classic management book, “The Effective Executive.” After authoring numerous

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