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Next 100 Years: Century Of The Pacific

THE ASIAN region, for the past two years, has been experiencing turbulence on the political and economic fronts. As the new millennium approaches, the future appears dim for Asia and Asian businessmen. In an interview by this writer, renowned Asian American

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Chin-Ning Chu: RP Leaders Should Do Some House Cleaning

PDI: Who are the political and business leaders in Asia or in the Philippines that exemplify “Thick Face, Black Heart” leadership? Do you think they can lead the region out of its current slump? Chin-Ning: The prime minister of Malaysia,

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Shield And Weapons In Life’s Daily Battles

EXPERIENCE is the lens through which we view the world. If stained with adversity, we struggle or despair, if colored with prejudice, we see hate; if blackened with anger, we see evil. But if the lens of life is as

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