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BEING OUR BROTHER’S KEEPER: Spirit Of Volunteerism Surges In Workplace

WELL-ESTABLISHED companies usually organize or support various social or community projects. This is sign of their maturity as socially responsible organizations and is a mark of good corporate citizenship. With companies in high gear with socially responsible programs, their employees

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BEING OUR BROTHER’S KEEPER: Socially Responsible Corporations, Employees Make Our World A Better Place

FLOODS. Pollution. Diseases. Poverty. War. In this global age, sadly, these are part and parcel of the so-called “modern” life. Many disasters are caused by the frailties of men; only a few are imposed purely by nature. When nature unleashes

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Business starts to give nature much-needed concern

WHAT is obvious is invisible to the eye. To illustrate this intriguing statement, one has only to observe how man sees his environment. As man moves toward more sophisticated technological systems, man-made products fill his existence. As he looks at

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