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Reboot Your Work Life For The New Year

HAVE you ever experienced your computer “hanging” on you? You keep on frantically clicking your mouse, ferociously jabbing your keyboard but your computer refuses to respond. Then, a screen pops up and tells you the system is busy. Your only

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Marketing Experts Show How To Find Good Luck At Work And In Life

BUSINESS book authors have of late been using fables or stories to spice up the content and perk up the sales of their books like the bestsellers “Who Moved My Cheese?” and “Fish.” This may be a knee-jerk reaction to

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Cut The Rope, Hold On To Life!

WE strive so hard for success at work and at home. We have a long internal list of “must’s” and the “ should’s ” of what we need to do to succeed in both. Sometimes, we are so tied up

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