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Adapting To GenXers A Powerful Marketing Tool

A SOFTDRINK billboard exhorts “Obey your thirst” while another says to “Just do it.” A television commercial urges “Get an attitude” as a car sticker assures “No Fear.” These abbreviated messages seem to be easily understood by young people while

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Enhancing Value-Added Sure Way To Profitability

THE SPIRAL of inflation is once again spinning as the peso devaluation triggers price increases. As businesses try to hold on to stable assets, the twin tornadoes of rising costs and dampened demand are demolishing profitability margins and sales growth.

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‘Customer as God:’ Marketing the Japanese Way

“RELENTLESS” is a book on Japanese way of marketing from the perspectives of both an outsider and an insider. Author Johnny K. Johansson presents the Western views on Japanese practices while co-author Ikujiro Nonaka contributes an in-depth knowledge of strategies

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