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WORKING moms usually look at time as an enemy. Time escapes them when they have a deadline to meet. It taunts them when they are caught in a traffic snarl at eight o’clock in the evening with hungry kids waiting for the

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PEOPLE AT WORK COLUMN: Start Your Dream Today

THE FAMOUS shoe advertising line “Just do it” is not good advice. Because really, the line should read, “Just do it now!” Doesn’t seem catchy? Well what about its Latin counterpart, made famous by the movie Dead Poets Society: Carpe diem or “seize the


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Book Shows How To Bring Boring Meetings To Life

PHONE any self-respecting executive and three out of four times, chances are she would be in a meeting. This phenomenon would be quite normal in organizational life since meetings make up the bulk of managerial time. Managers need to constantly

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