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Developing a Filipino Brand of Leadership

MANY Filipinos are trained in Western theories of management and leadership.  But are these theories applicable within the context of Filipino culture? What is the role of culture in effective leadership? Culture has an impact on effective leadership based on


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PEOPLE AT WORK COLUMN: Put Passion Back In Your Job

ARE you a Cinderella or a Sleeping Beauty at work? Cinderella, in her desire to go to the ball, enthusiastically does all the menial tasks assigned to her by her wicked stepmother. For her, the ball is an exciting event,

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Go Beyond The Usual ‘GREEN’ Workplace

GREEN is in. Ever since the screening of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” becoming eco-friendly or “green” has become part and parcel of many companies’ institutional image building campaigns. But even before this landmark film, many offices have already adopted

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