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INNOVATING BRAND YOU: Mental Blocks To Innovating ‘BRAND YOU’

(Part IV) HERE ARE SOME MORE mental blocks to innovating “brand you:” 4. “I am a homebody, I am afraid to go out and talk to people.” (Pambahay lang ang ‘beauty’ ko!) He grew up with a terrible feeling of

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INNOVATION as defined by Merriam Webster is “the introduction of something new.” However, innovation in the workplace and in business, involves not merely “introducing something new” but must mean introducing something that has a value, a significant positive impact on

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INNOVATING BRAND YOU: Step Into The River Of Change

(Last October 2002, this author started a series of articles on “Marketing brand you: Make brand ‘YOU’ a hit in the job market.” After writing about creating and marketing brand you, the author offers another series of articles on the

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